March is Women’s History Month.

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Q&A with AIG Life & Retirement team members

Terri Fiedler

President & CEO, AIG Financial Distributors

I would tell myself to be bolder – take more chances.

My mentor gave me the gift of high expectations. This challenged me to develop and grow more quickly, which accelerated my career. 

Freda Lee

SVP & Head of Relationship Management, AIG Life & Retirement

Be fearless! Don’t worry so much about failing. There are valuable lessons in failure that you can only learn if you try.

Challenging me to think bigger, and always asking my perspective on how I would solve problems that I saw in an organization, rather than simply stating what the problems were. It taught me to be solutions-oriented and not wait for others to solve the problems around me.

My greatest hope is that it will become commonplace to see women in senior leadership roles, C-suite and board seats so they feel that this is the norm, not the exception. I believe it starts by helping our daughters see themselves as leaders. Sheryl Sandberg famously stated in her book Lean In, “I want every little girl who’s told she’s bossy, to be told instead she has leadership skills.” 

Betsy Palmer 

Chief Marketing Officer, AIG Life & Retirement

Listen twice as much as you speak.

She gave me honest feedback, not just fluffy praise. She saw little things in me, that once I addressed, made me a much better colleague and leader.

That 51% of the Fortune 500 CEOs are one day women! 

Tara Ricketts

Senior HR Business Partner, AIG Life & Retirement

Build relationships with other women in the workplace. Ask these women for allyship, advocacy and education. They’ll be generous with their knowledge and time.

The most important thing a mentor has done for me is to offer candid, honest, and sometimes hard to hear, feedback.

My hope is that women in the future won’t have to think so often about being women in the workplace. Women will be able to show up and perform the work they are well qualified to do without second guessing their skills, communication style and belonging.

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Women have unique challenges when it comes to saving for the future, and we’re here to help.

Longer retirement

Women have an average additional life expectancy of 20.6 years after age 65.

Less retirement savings

Women have 32% lower retirement account balances on average than men do.

Caregiving needs

Women are 73% more likely to leave the labor market due to caregiving needs than men.

Are you ready for your financial future?

A woman's finances may have to work harder and last longer because of unique challenges she may face.

Life insurance solutions

Life insurance solutions for women

Life insurance can be an important part of your financial plan.

Insurance for spouses

Do both spouses need life insurance?

Did you know 45% of women don’t have a life insurance policy? Those who do, on average, have a policy worth 22% less than a man’s.