Find your "Yellow Brick Road" to the next chapter of your life

Protected lifetime income from an annuity can help you get there

AIG is excited to partner with the Alliance for Lifetime Income on
Elton John's Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour!

Elton John continues to prove that your next act may just be your best. Elton exemplifies living life to the fullest and on your own terms. And with a career that has thrived for over 60 years, he’s living proof that age is just a number.

As an artist and activist, Elton is a champion for diversity and eliminating social inequity, making him the perfect partner for the Alliance, whose mission is to educate Americans on how to create retirement security through protected lifetime income. As a founding board member of the Alliance, AIG is proud to support the Alliance on their mission to bring the protected lifetime income conversation around the country as part of Elton’s farewell tour.

Though Elton is saying farewell to touring and yet still at the top of his game, the rules of retirement have changed for millions of Americans who are living longer, without any guarantee of income other than Social Security. A financial plan that includes protected lifetime income from an annuity may help you find your Yellow Brick Road to the next chapter of your life.

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For me, the next exciting phase of my life is about spending more time with my family, being more active with my foundation, my music and other exciting creative projects and continuing my commitment to diversity and economic equality for all.”

– Sir Elton John

Help secure your next chapter with protected lifetime income

Retirement G.P.S.

How will you navigate your retirement journey? As we age, financial priorities progress through three phases: Grow, Protect and Spend. On the road to financial security in retirement, you’ll want to maximize each phase to help avoid bumps in the road. The stakes are high, and to succeed you must have a plan.

Elton John is bucket-list ready. Are you?

Not everyone lives the life of a rock star, but one thing you may have in common with Elton John is a love of family and the plans that appear on your “bucket list.” Check out these six tips for planning your bucket list!

A special message from Elton John

Even someone like Elton John has a few items left on his bucket list. He sat down with the Alliance for Lifetime Income to share what he's looking forward to in his next chapter. Watch now and get ready to plan for whatever’s at the end of your yellow brick road.

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