Alliance for Lifetime Income

Helping to educate Americans about the importance of protected lifetime income for a more secure future

AIG is proud to be a founding board member of the Alliance for Lifetime Income

At AIG, we're committed to educating Americans on ways to help plan and prepare for a more secure retirement. That's why AIG is proud to be a founding board member of the Alliance for Lifetime Income.

Established in 2018, the Alliance for Lifetime Income was formed with one core objective in mind: to help Americans address the risk of outliving their retirement income, so they can enjoy their retirement. In partnership with the Alliance for Lifetime Income, AIG supports the Alliance in its mission to help Americans better understand the need for protected lifetime income from an annuity when planning for retirement, so they don't outlive their money. The Alliance and AIG are proud to provide consumers and financial professionals with educational resources, interactive tools, and actionable research and insights to use in building retirement income strategies. 

Tools to help you prepare

America's "Peak 65" moment

Find out how retirement is changing as America approaches a historic peak in the number of Boomers reaching retirement age

Financial Planning Personality Quiz

Discover your financial planning personality type and have more successful conversations with your financial professional

Retirement checklist

Key points to discuss with your financial professional about protecting your retirement income

Insights to help keep you informed

Annuities explained

Understanding what they are and how they work

Choosing an annuity that’s right for you

Find out how the types of annuities are different and which fits your needs

Outliving Your Income

Will your money run out in retirement?

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AIG is a founding member of the Board of Directors for the Alliance for Lifetime Income