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3 key benefits of a variable annuity

Polaris: A steady beacon

For over 25 years the Polaris Variable Annuities, named after Polaris the North Star, have served as a steady beacon helping investors successfully navigate their voyage to retirement with innovative solutions.

Designed for retirement

Polaris brings together a powerful combination of growth potential, tax-deferral and protection benefits for your retirement income and your beneficiaries. Polaris can help you build retirement assets with investment allocations tailored to your long-term goals and tolerance for risk.

Protected lifetime income

When you’re ready to turn your retirement savings into steady income, a Polaris variable annuity can provide you with guaranteed lifetime income that has the opportunity to grow and is protected from market volatility. You also can choose lifetime income to cover you, or you and your spouse. A no-cost option is also available through annuitization.

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Plan for different phases of retirement

Managing your nest egg is an ongoing process that needs to reflect life changes throughout your retirement.

5 ways spending changes in retirement

Prepare a spending mindset to change from saving for retirement to living in retirement.

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