Add to your retirement scorecard with the guarantees of fixed annuities.

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Fixed annuities

It's not if, but when you need income - That's where a fixed annuity with a guaranteed interest rate and multiple payout options can help meet specific financial needs and goals. Whether you're nearing retirement or in retirement, a fixed income as part of your overall strategy can offer safety and stability.

Income you can count on—for life

Assured Edge Income Builder©  allows you to know today what your retirement income could be. It's a simple solution that offers the opportunty to grow future income every year until you activate lifetime income.

Don't short side your future

Customize your retirement strategy with the American Pathway®  series of fixed annuties - innovative solutions with options for protected income you can't outlive.

Flexibility for when you need it most

You need choices. The American Pathway®  SolutionMYG fixed annuity offers four different interest rate guarantee periods to choose from. Tha's guaranteed interest, earning more with the power of tax-deferred growth to increase our redirement income.

Plan for the future with confidence

Avoiding tax pitfalls during retirement

See how post-retirement income can affect your Social Security.

Fixed annuity or CD?

It depends on your goals.

Protecting your family

When planning for the future... don't forget about your beneficiaries.

Look into other annuity options for your clients.

Variable annuities

Combine growth potential of the market, beneficiary protection and optional income protection features to help clients address everyday retirement challenges.

Index annuities

Find out how adding an index annuity may protect your assets from interest rate risk and help you generate more income in today’s ultra-low rate environment.

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