Protected retirement income when you need it most

It’s not if, but when you need income – that’s where a fixed annuity can help.

3 key benefits of a fixed annuity

Generate predictable lifetime income

A fixed annuity with a guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit can help you prepare today for a more secure tomorrow with predictable and protected retirement income for life.  You also have the opportunity to grow future income while maintaining emergency access to your principal.

Flexibility to adjust as your needs change

A fixed annuity can provide peace of mind with protected income, tax-deferred growth, guaranteed interest earnings and access to your money. Plus it offers the flexibility to adjust to your changing needs or lifestyle.

Balance today’s needs with those of tomorrow

Income annuities can offer versatility to your financial strategy with multiple payout options. With no market participation, you can design a retirement solution that includes guaranteed lifetime income you can’t outlive.


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Start planning with fixed annuities

Are you prepared?

The decade leading up to retirement may be the perfect time to assess your current fiscal state of affairs.

Plan for different phases of retirement

Managing your nest egg is an ongoing process that needs to reflect life changes throughout your retirement.

Identifying sources of retirement income

Retirement may mark the close of your professional career, but with the right income strategy, it could be the beginning of a new chapter in life.

Ask your financial professional

Talk to your financial professional about how a Fixed Annuity may be right for your retirement portfolio today.