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Help clients manage today's retirement challenges for a brighter future tomorrow.

Life Insurance

Flexible solutions to help protect clients' futures, with options for access if they need it sooner.

Mutual Funds

Discover the power of long-term investing to help clients turn their vision of the future into reality.

AIG Life & Retirement insights

Client Connections

Your one-stop digital resource for enhancing your connections with clients and building a more digitally-savvy practice. Client Connections brings together our signature tools and programs.

Alliance for Lifetime Income

Tackling America’s Retirement Income Crisis with Protected Lifetime Income.

Elections Impact on Investment

Eye-opening, interactive quiz to help clients see past the myths of how elections may impact their financial portfolio.

The future of client-advisor relationships

A study by AIG Life & Retirement and the MIT AgeLab

Tools to engage clients

Income Savvy clients

With Income Savvy, you can help clients make informed decisions about their retirement income and create a personalized strategy that includes protected lifetime income.

Conversation starters

Connect with clients using our life insurance resources available at your fingertips. Jump-start the conversation with informative infographics in an engaging video.

Market Commentary

A weekly recap of events driving the market that includes a snapshot of key indicators.

9-Point Retirement Checklist

This conversation starter can help clients make sure they’re on track for the retirement they want.

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