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In addition to valuable death benefits, our products can also offer living benefits, potentially providing help with client's future medical expenses during retirement years.

Client-focused solutions

Every client’s financial future looks different. We provide customizable insurance solutions to help support every financial journey.

Business management support

We're invested in your business's future growth and empower you with best practices and tools to succeed.

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Resources we offer

AG 49-A explained

Stay current on NAIC's recently implemented Actuarial Guideline 49-A. Make sure you are appropriately illustrating both upside opportunity and downside risk of index universal life (IUL) products. 

IRC Section 7702 Updates

A change to the interest rate assumptions in Section 7702 went into effect January 1, 2021. Know what it is, and how the recent updates to Section 7702 impact new life insurance policies.

Sell with us

AIG has several options available to become appointed to sell our Life Insurance products. We offer an extraordinary opportunity to succeed and the tools you need to get there.