Income Savvy

Creating protected lifetime income for a more secure future.

Help clients develop a strategy for generating protected lifetime income.

Your clients have worked hard to build up their retirement assets. And now, with retirement in sight, it’s time to help them shift the focus from saving for retirement to generating lasting income. Income Savvy® is designed to help clients make informed decisions about their retirement income and create a personalized strategy that includes protected lifetime income―for a more secure future.

Our Client Connections tool has additional Income Savvy tools and resources.

Tools and resources

Take advantage of valuable income planning tools and resources to use with clients. 

Income Savvy Client Brochure

Educate clients on today's retirement challenges and help them design a personalized income strategy that includes protected lifetime income.

Market Returns Case Study

Show clients how market returns can impact how long their retirement savings – and their income – may last.

Income Savvy Q&A

Offer clients valuable retirement income planning insights from two highly respected retirement income experts.

Tee up with more confidence.

Introduce clients to the idea of protected lifetime income – so they can feel more confident in their future.

Retire your way. Prepared. Confident. Happy.

Help clients prepare for a more enjoyable retirement with protected lifetime income.