You can help give clients the future they envision with protected retirement income that is there when they need it most. An annuity is the only financial product that can guarantee income payments they won’t outlive.

Here are 10 reasons to consider an American Pathway fixed annuity as part of their retirement strategy.

A guaranteed interest rate. Lock in the initial rate that works best for them.

Tax-deferred growth. Their principal earns interest and the interest earns interest.

The principal is protected because there’s no stock market participation.

They can choose an income option that provides a guaranteed income stream for life.

Clients keep access to their money with annual penalty-free withdrawals up to a specified percentage*

The ability to take systematic withdrawals of interest monthly, quarterly, semiannually or annually*

Withdrawal charge waivers for life’s “just in case” moments.

Protect clients’ families with a guaranteed death benefit included.

A fixed annuity is a conservative addition to diversify clients’ portfolio.

There are no upfront sales charges or administrative fees.

*Taxable withdrawals are subject to ordinary income tax. Withdrawals taken prior to age 59 ½ may be subject to a federal early withdrawal tax penalty. Contractual withdrawal charges may also apply.

Annuities are long-term products designed for retirement.

Retirement accounts such as IRAs can be tax deferred regardless of whether or not they are funded with an annuity. The purchase of an annuity within an IRA does not provide additional tax-deferred treatment of earnings. However, annuities do provide other features and benefits.

Withdrawals may be subject to federal and/or state income taxes. A 10% federal early withdrawal tax penalty may apply if taken before age 59½ in addition to ordinary income tax. Partial withdrawals may reduce benefits and contract value.

This material is general in nature, was developed for educational use only, and is not intended to provide financial, legal, fiduciary, accounting or tax advice, nor is it intended to make any recommendations. Applicable laws and regulations are complex and subject to change. Please consult with your financial professional regarding your situation. For legal, accounting or tax advice consult the appropriate professional.

Annuities issued by American General Life Insurance Company (AGL), Houston, TX., except in New York where issued by The United States Life Insurance Company in the City of New York (US Life). Issuing companies AGL and US Life are responsible for financial obligations of insurance products and are members of American International Group, Inc. (AIG). Guarantees are backed by the claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company. AGL does not issue products in the state of New York.

May not be available in all states and product features may vary by state. Please refer to the contract.

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