Fixed annuities

A fixed annuity as part of your clients’ overall retirement strategy can help provide an innovative income solution with a guaranteed interest rate and options to fit their specific financial needs and goals. Fixed annuities can offer safety and stability in uncertain times.

Offer your clients income they can count on—for life

Assured Edge Income Builder® takes the guessing out of retirement income because clients can know today what their retirement income could be. Plus, it offers the opportunity to grow future income every year until they activate lifetime income.

Customize your clients' retirement strategy

Whether your clients need short-term flexibility or long-term guarantees, The American Pathway® series of fixed annuities has innovative solutions to help. And all provide safety with no market participation. 

Protected growth for the long haul

The American Pathway® SolutionsMYG fixed annuity helps protect and grow your clients’ money for when they need it most. It offers multi-year guaranteed interest rate options combined with the power of tax-deferred growth to increase their retirement income.

Help clients plan with confidence

There's more than one guaranteed income solution

Offer clients the potential for more income, more choice and more flexibility.

Balancing today's needs with those of tomorrow

Understanding when and how clients' money will be used is key. It's called "Now and Later."

Are your clients prepared in case of emergency?

Offer them our free guide to make sure they have an easily accessible record of essential data ... just in case.

Look into other annuity options for your clients

Variable annuities

Combine growth potential of the market, beneficiary protection and optional income protection features to help clients address everyday retirement challenges.

Index annuities

Give the protection of a fixed annuity, the potential for tax-deferred interest earnings based on market performance and the opportunity for guaranteed income for life.

Let’s work together

How much income will your clients need in retirement? Use our interactive worksheet to help them find out.