AIG Life & Retirement Celebrates Black History Month

Learn how racial inequities impact retirement income

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Variable annuities with Structured Outcome Investments

Help clients build retirement savings with a variable annuity offering structured outcome funds that help capture market gains while seeking to provide targeted downside protection.

Index annuities

Protect client income for life with the security of a fixed annuity offering tax-deferred interest based on index performance.

Variable annuities

Help clients combine growth potential of the market with beneficiary protection and optional income protection features.

Fixed annuities

Customize a retirement solution based on each clientʼs needs with guaranteed interest earnings and protection with no market participation — plus options for lifetime income.

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Track current variable annuity investments, explore options and easily find the information you need.

Market Insights

Visit Market Commentary for a weekly recap of events driving the market, including snapshots of key indicators, as well as analysis and perspectives.

Client Education

Educate clients on time-tested strategies for navigating their way through market ups and downs.

Discover the power of annuities and lifetime income

America’s Peak 65 Moment

Find out how retirement is changing as America approaches a historic peak of Boomers reaching retirement age.

Alliance for Lifetime Income

See how AIG is partnering with the Alliance to help Americans address the risk of outliving their retirement income so they can feel more confident and secure for the future.

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