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The future is a moving target — client priorities and perspectives shift and evolve, and the best financial professionals are always ready to engage. Insights from AIG Life & Retirement keep you on top of the latest industry trends, while client education materials and digital tools help keep your practice growing.

Enhance client connections.

Your one-stop digital resource for enhancing client relationships and building a more digital-savvy practice. Client Connections brings together our signature tools and programs in one place.

Deliver protected lifetime income.

AIG is a founding board member of the Alliance for Lifetime Income — helping Americans address the risk of outliving their retirement income. We’re proud to provide you access to a broad range of tools and insights to help your clients plan for a more secure retirement with protected lifetime income.

Close the life insurance gap.

Life Insurance can be confusing, and many clients don’t understand the kinds of value and protection it can offer. "Help Protect Our Families" includes valuable guidance and enlightening statistics to help you start the conversation.

Products and solutions: play to your strengths.

Retirement Savings & Income: Annuities

A brighter future for your clients begins when you help them manage today’s retirement challenges. Annuities from AIG companies include:

Variable annuities with Structured Outcome Investments. Accumulation solutions that offer equity market for growth potential and seek targeted downside protection.

Index annuities. The protection of a fixed annuity, the potential for tax-deferred interest earnings based on index performance and the opportunity for protected lifetime income.

Variable annuities. Combining growth potential, beneficiary protection and optional income protection features.

Fixed annuities. Customizable retirement solutions with guaranteed interest earnings and protection from market volatility — plus options for lifetime income.

Protection: Life Insurance

Help your clients protect their futures with life insurance from AIG companies — including options to access their resources if they need them sooner. We offer:

Term life insurance. Protection for a set period of time.

Universal life insurance. Lifetime protection, available as Guaranteed Universal and Index Universal categories.

Guaranteed issue whole life. Affordable simplicity, with no medical exam, no health questions, and guaranteed acceptance between ages 50 and 80.

The right tools for deeper client engagement.

Empower informed decisions.

The Income Savvy client education program helps you help clients make informed decisions about their retirement income, as well as create personalized strategies that include protected lifetime income. 

IUL explained, briefly.

Use this simple, easy-to-follow interactive experience to help walk clients through IUL's advantages on taming market ups and downs.

Broaden client conversations.

The "Future of Client-Advisor Relationships" study, developed in partnership with the MIT AgeLab, offers important insights as you adapt your practice to meet evolving client needs and expectations.

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  • Consultative marketing and sales support
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  • Award-winning client education and business development programs