Thought leadership perspectives

Helping you prepare for the ever-changing retirement plan landscape.

Impact of COVID-19 on students

Understand the impact of COVID-19 on college students. Read more about the key findings and learn how higher education professionals can enhance student happiness and well-being.

Public Service Loan Forgiveness survey

See the results of our survey gauging attitudes and behaviors around financial stress and retirement planning among public sector employees.

The future of client-advisor relationships

Read our study with the MIT AgeLab to learn how advisors can meet the needs of multiple generations and engage in conversations that push beyond traditional boundaries.

Thought leadership resources

Plan for 100 research

To find out what Americans are thinking and feeling about today's increasing longevity, we recently partnered with retirement income expert Dr. Michael Finke to conduct the AIG 2019 Plan for 100 Survey.

Three keys to employee engagement

This white paper, written by Vicki Hess, gives advice on how you can improve and sustain your organization's employee engagement.

Enhancing Retirement Security with Guaranteed Income

In this white paper Q&A Dr. Wade D. Pfau and Dr. Michael Finke share insights into the future of retirement security and how guaranteed lifetime income from annuities may fit into—and potentially enhance—that picture.

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