Student Debt Solutions

Step-by-step guidance for non-profit and public service loan forgiveness.

Of the millions of Americans struggling to pay off their student loan debt, there’s a good chance some of them work for your organization. Let us help you offer a unique workplace benefit that can help employees take control of their student loan debt and get on track for their future.

AIG Retirement Services can help you and your employees

With an understanding of the student loan crisis and a passion for building brighter financial futures, we have engaged Savi – a social impact technology firm – to provide employees with an online student loan evaluation tool to determine eligibility for federal repayment and forgiveness programs. It’s a step-by-step digital process that helps:

  • Determine qualification for student loan forgiveness
  • Identify potential savings
  • Navigate through enrollment
  • Maintain eligibility
  • Provide a clear path to applying for full forgiveness

In addition to our engagement with Savi, we are also looking to expand our Student Debt Solutions program to include:

A certification for our team of financial professionals that will enable them to better help employees understand the impact of college funding, including the complex student loan forgiveness process.

A loan repayment platform for employers who want to help employees pay down their student debt.

Student Debt Solutions

Learn more about Student Debt Solutions and help you or a loved one take control of student loan debt.

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