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Insights from the 2021 AIG Retirement Services and EVERFI study

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AIG Retirement Services and EVERFI, a leading social impact education innovator, conducted a survey of over 20,000 college students from 135 higher education institutions located in 34 states. Find insights on college students' attitudes, behaviors, experiences and plans for the future, including financial decision making and career trajectory.

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Despite a year of extraordinary challenges brought on by the pandemic, college students appear optimistic and confident about their economic situation. See more from our survey to understand how the current environment is affecting and shaping the next wave of students preparing to enter the workforce.

COVID-19 and College (fall 2020 study)

AIG Retirement Services and EVERFI also conducted research in Fall 2020 to explore the impact of COVID-19 on college students—from their education to their financial behaviors and mental health. This study of more than 7,000 college students revealed that most students felt prepared to manage their money and were developing responsible financial habits, which could have been in response to the many challenges brought on by the pandemic.